Can I Give My Dog Pancakes?

Can I Give My Dog Pancakes?Pancakes are very popular for breakfast and greatly enjoyed by many. It’s fair to say that your dog is familiar with this morning food if you often enjoy it. The first meal of the day tends to be preceded by hunger and so a pancake is an attractive target for a hungry pooch.

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Including your dog in on your morning meals can sometimes present a dilemma which may be why you are here. Does your family dog focus in on the pancake sitting there on your plate?

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of feeding your dog a simple plain pancake or one that’s loaded up with all kinds of syrup, nuts or other tasty treats. We’ll help you decide about feeding your best buddy this delicious breakfast treat. Maybe you don’t need to feel so guilty about it!

Can I Give My Dog Pancakes? Answer: Occasionally

Every once in awhile they can be given but don’t make a habit of it.

Generally, giving dogs table scraps on any kind of regular basis isn’t a good idea. Besides developing bad eating habits, something like regular pancake consumption can also cause health issues like obesity and diabetes. Make sure you limit such unhealthy foods and your dog should be just fine.

There are a few ingredients that go with pancakes that should¬†definitely¬†be avoided for your dog’s sake. We’ll cover those below!

Prohibited Pancake Ingredients

When treating a dog to pancakes, you should only feed them a small portion of the plain variety unless they’re topped with some healthy fruits or something else that’s natural. It’s very important not to put chocolate or most nuts in or on the pancakes. As you may know, chocolate pancakes could be life threatening to your dog.

Other toppings which are typical for pancakes like butter, whipped cream and syrups should be avoided as well. Too much fat, sugar and milk or other dairy items should also be seriously limited. Most folks realize that excessive consumption of these unhealthy fats and sugars makes for a poor diet. This is especially true for dogs as doing so could definitely lead to obesity and/or diabetes.

Limiting People Food

Unless you make your own dog food, limit the people foods that you give to your dog. Canines mostly need meats with proteins in their diets. Many human foods present something of a grey area and so owners provide all sorts of things for their dogs. While pancakes aren’t especially hazardous for a special four-legged friend, other foods should strictly be avoided such as raisins, grapes, and several types of nuts.

It’s also important to watch how much salt you give your dog. Sodium can cause high blood pressure and other health problems like elevated cholesterol levels. Many people don’t consciously realize that dogs can develop dietary health problems just like you or me. That’s why watching your dog’s diet so critical for keeping them as healthy and happy as possible.

Bad Feeding Habits

Developing good eating habits, preferably when a dog is still a puppy, is the way to go. But if you regularly feed a dog things like pancakes, they’ll be there every night waiting for that unhealthy treat. You don’t want your canine begging at the table like this. If you teach them when they’re young, they won’t crave such human foods to begin with.¬†Dogs can still be part of the family though and may be fed, at the same time, when you are having dinner or breakfast. But they shouldn’t normally be given the same foods, such as pancakes.

Conclusion on Pancakes

Your pet dog can have a pancake but not too many or too often since they contain dairy and sugars which contribute to health problems. Remember, it’s basically just filler for them and excessive human foods such as this type can lead to many issues and should be limited. A pancake¬†treat to once in awhile is okay but there are certainly better options available.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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