Can I Give My Dog Oxycodone?

Is Oxycodone Safe for Dog?Giving your dog Oxycodone is fraught with unacceptably high risks. Rarely is there an appropriate reason to provide this powerful opioid to a pet.

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Many owners are trying to treat their dogs for pain. Using this narcotic will be effective, but it’s also very dangerous. Oxycodone should be a last resort.

Analgesics quickly reduce pain. Your dog will respond to this drug as well. But Oxycodone can easily be too strong, especially for a smaller body.

Can I Give My Dog Oxycodone? Answer: No

Don’t expose a furry friend to a very real potential for serious harm.

Only dogs with advanced cancer, or severe arthritis, should even be considered for Oxycodone as a viable treatment option. Gabapentin, Tramadol or Rimadyl are much safer alternatives. Oxycodone may temporarily help the dog though it is not a solution.

If the situation is dire then it may be time to evaluate the prospect of properly euthanizing your dog as unpleasant as it is.

It’s Too Potent for Pets

There is a reason veterinarians almost never utilize Oxycodone, or even the less potent Vicodin, for pet dogs. This pain medication in particular is overkill for animals (no pun intended).

As you probably know, lots of human beings die from misusing Oxycodone. Sadly it is quite common.

The risks are way higher for your dog. Even a very small amount is not safe, and therefore not advisable in our opinion.

What Can Go Wrong?

Your dog is sensitive to Oxycodone. There is no doubt about that. The problem is you don’t know how sensitive. If it is provided, for whatever reason, a conservative dosage is a must.

Even then it would not be surprising to see a confused canine, dilated pupils, significant drowsiness or lethargy, muscle weakness and vomiting.

In fact, throwing up may be a good thing. Inducing a purge, within the first hour, may greatly reduce Oxycodone toxicity in your dog’s body.

Hydrogen peroxide comes in handy for poisoning. Though with Oxycodone, a dog’s recovery may require more including an IV. Go to the ER immediately!

Not to Scare You, But…

More serious signs include poor respiration and an irregular heart rate. Such symptoms can then lead to coma and death. Organ failure is another real possibility.

Don’t chance it. Talk with your vet about the idea of using Oxycodone to alleviate your dog’s pain problems. Also read our article: Can I Give My Dog Something for Pain?

Not For Euthanizing

Perhaps you came here looking for a way to put down your dog. Overdosing with leftover Oxycodone is not an appropriate way to go about it.

Sure, these prescription pills could kill a dog but probably not without some amount of suffering.

It is actually fairly inexpensive to get it done the right way, the more humane way.

Conclusion on Oxycodone

Never give Oxycodone to a dog without a vet’s help. This analgesic can be tremendously dangerous for pets. You may regret using your own supply of Oxycodone despite good intentions. Get professional advice for your dog’s situation. There are suitable alternatives to this pain reliever.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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