Can I Give My Dog Oranges?

Can I Give My Dog Oranges?Has your pet dog ever begged you for an orange? Happens all the time, but is canine consumption appropriate? This is not a toxic fruit but there are definitely some downsides.

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Oranges are obviously loaded with vitamin C, but dogs actually produce their own. We’ll look at this and several other factors. Learn more before feeding Fido a citrus treat.

Basically, you can share oranges but they should not be given on a regular basis. Just a taste is okay. Giving your dog this delicious but acidic fruit isn’t always optimal.

Can I Give My Dog Oranges? Answer: Yes, but limit portions

They are not at all poisonous, but very acidic fruits should be limited to a special treat.

Most dogs can handle eating an orange, or at least a couple of slices. Of course, remove the peel. One thing we can recommend is feeding your dog the pith of the orange. These white threads are less acidic and are packed with fiber and antioxidants.

Otherwise, get a variety pack of fabulous fruit-flavored dog treats. They are low in calories and have no preservatives.

Moderation is a Must

The truth is that fruits should not be fed to dogs in large quantities and this is particularly true for oranges. You really should ration Rover’s portions to reduce a potential for digestive disruption.

Sure, oranges are healthy and contain valuable vitamins and minerals. They are high in potassium, vitamin C, folate and thiamine. Unfortunately, the acidic nature of this fruit isn’t a natural fit for a dog.

Orange juice can easily cause a bout of diarrhea. You may want to exclude this fruit all together, although some dogs can handle their fair share of oranges. Check out this video!

To be clear, oranges are in no way toxic but citrus is a bit questionable.

Vitamin C & Diabetics

A strengthened immune system is one benefit to eating oranges. Vitamin C is a powerful nutrient and it’s certainly problematic if your dog isn’t producing enough of their own.

In such cases, although it’s difficult to know, moderation canine consumption of fruits makes sense. Strike a balance and feed your dog small portions of orange, watching for signs of GI upset.

Dogs with diabetes, on the other hand, should never be eating foods that may negatively affect blood sugar levels. Oranges are best avoided under such sensitive circumstances.

The Pith is Pet Perfect

Many people don’t enjoy the pith part of the orange. That’s where your dog comes in. This whitish, web-like, stringy and fibrous health food is actually the most pet-friendly aspect of an orange.

So, you can share some of a nutritious orange with your dog after all. The pith is perfect for a pet pooch! As for the outer rind or peel, discard it because this part is poorly digested. Not really recommended.

Conclusion on Oranges

Oranges can cause a pet dog to have an upset stomach or diarrhea. This acidic fruit should only be given in small amounts. A few slices of orange is enough. Dogs don’t typically need vitamin C supplementation. Compared to the orange, Fruitables are more appropriate for your dog.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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