Can I Give My Dog Oatmeal?

Can I Give My Dog Oatmeal?Dog owners should know about the health benefits of oatmeal because sometimes it can really help out. If your dog has an upset stomach, uncomfortable gas, mild vomiting, diarrhea or constipation then some cooked oatmeal may save the day.

It should be no secret that oatmeal can improve digestion for canines. At the same time, dogs may benefit from the high levels of fiber, iron and vitamin B-6 found in these healthy oats. This is certainly one of the more appropriate human foods for dogs.

But even though this is generally a good food to serve to a best buddy on occasion, there are some important things to know regarding oatmeal and dogs. We’ll try to cover all the bases right here.

Can I Give My Dog Oatmeal? Answer: Yes

Oatmeal can definitely be given to dogs. Sometimes it can be very useful for digestion.

Just be sure to prepare and serve it properly. Obviously, oatmeal should be cooked when fed to a pet. Perhaps more importantly, use a plain variety with no artificial fruits or flavorings. It’s best to avoid any added sweetness. Actually, feed your dog oatmeal with no sugar at all for maximum health benefits.

If you are looking for a consistent and convenient way to incorporate oatmeal into your dog’s diet then consider this highly regarded dry oatmeal recipe dog food. It’s 100% natural and contains probiotics and flaxseed.

When to Serve Oatmeal

Oatmeal, by itself, doesn’t contain a huge amount of protein. That’s okay because you aren’t going to serve it on a regular basis as a way to simply fill up your dog’s stomach. Instead, use it when it’s appropriate because oatmeal cannot replace your dog’s regular diet.

The most effective use of this hearty and delicious grain meal is when your dog is having mild digestive issues. Irregular bowel movements are probably the best time to turn to good old oatmeal as a safe fix. Typically, older dogs can benefit the most from consuming some prepared oats because they tend to be more likely to need some digestive help.

Some Preparation Tips

As stated above, oatmeal should be prepared with no added sodium (salt) or sugar. However, for extra protein, you could add a cooked egg but not a raw one. A few small slices of sausage can’t hurt if you want to upgrade their special meal for good behavior.

Make sure that it’s cooled to near room temperature so your dog’s mouth doesn’t get burned. The best type of oatmeal is the slow-cooked kind that takes ten minutes or so. Avoid serving instant brands since they usually add all kinds of artificial ingredients. Finally, oatmeal should be made using water in case milk doesn’t agree with Fido.

If your dog doesn’t like the taste of plain oatmeal, try mixing it in with their regular dog food. Also consider getting dog biscuits with oatmeal in them.

Other Health Benefits

Oatmeal offers many potential health benefits for humans. Admittedly, some of them don’t exactly apply as well to dogs. For example, this food may help to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Dogs have a relatively short life span and don’t really suffer from the same heart issues. But if your dog has a weight problem, oatmeal may actually help out. It can also serve as a way to top up on some important nutrients, including iron, which are sometimes lacking in mediocre dog foods.

Other Ideas for Fiber

The biggest oatmeal health benefit, as it applies to dogs, is what the fiber can do for the digestive system. Other ways to achieve a similar result is with brown rice, apples or unseasoned canned pumpkin.

Conclusion on Oatmeal

Yes, you can feed your dog oatmeal. Try to provide it when the time is right instead of using it because you don’t have anything else. Oatmeal can work wonders for improving canine digestion. If your dog is experiencing problems with bowel movements, then serving some may help them improve. Be sure to cook it but let it cool down before they chow down. Plain oatmeal is best but you can add certain foods to make it more tasty.

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Lisa September, 2015

Our 5 month old Golden Retriever has had diarrhea for 2 weeks on and off. He has been on boiled chicken and rice but the doctor said he’s not getting enough nutrients. He gave us some prescription dog food for sensitive stomach but the diarrhea hasn’t stopped. I was considering adding in some oatmeal to see if that helps. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

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Greta September, 2015

I was having the same sort of problem with our raw fed German Shepherd. She’d been getting whole ground chicken, but it became apparent that she’s allergic to chicken! We switched her to fish, pork and beef products as well as some emergency kibble when her raw food ran out over the transition. There’s been no diarrhea problems since. Taste of the Wild makes a good grain-free food and their fish-based kibble has no chicken in it.

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Tayla October, 2015

Eating boiled chicken and rice this is definitely not enough, especially for a puppy! A dog should be eating predominantly meat. Chicken isn’t as high in nutrients as a red meat. Get a good meat from a pet store and make sure it isn’t super fatty or rancid. I also chop up vegetables and mix them into their food. It can include green beans, celery, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas and cauliflower.

Meals can be supplemented with a grain-free dry food which is essential for puppies and active dogs. We feed ours Taste of the Wild Prairie. You can also use a bit of natural yogurt and olive oil. I adopted a stray with the worst gas ever and after a few months it’s completely gone with the help of this diet.

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Pegi September, 2015

We’ve been feeding our four dogs, all medium to large mixed breeds, old fashioned oats and chicken breast every morning for years. I mix the oatmeal with water or broth from the chicken. They love it and seem to be quite healthy. They have regular canned dog food and dry kibble for dinner. I’m wondering if the oatmeal everyday is okay and if I should be adding veggies like carrots, kale or sweet potatoes.

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Dee May, 2015

Our dog, a Shih-Poo, is having bowel problems. What can I give him to relieve his constipation, and how much? He’s about 16-18 pounds. He will not eat dog food and I’ve tried everyone there is.

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Jason May, 2015

Hi Dee. I have two German Shepherd/Husky mixes that tend to have bowel issues. Normally a healthy portion of wet rice and water will soften their stools enough to get it out. Rice with boiled chicken, over the next few days, will help thicken it without constipating them again. After 2 or 3 days your pup should be well enough to go back on regular food. Most dogs will stop eating their food if it is causing them discomfort, so maybe look for a digestion specific food? I wish you the best of luck!

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Dee May, 2015

Thanks Jason, for your reply. When you say wet rice, do you cook it first or just soak it?

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Jason May, 2015

Whoops sorry! I meant to cook it!

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Susan May, 2015

I had the same problem with my dog. Feed him Stella ‘n Chewy’s freeze-dried dog food. It’s amazing! Any flavor will do and there are many. My dog now eats like a ravenous wolf. He eats it so fast that I have to feed him a small amount at a time.

I recommend it to anyone who has a picky eater or for dogs that may have health issues or lack of appetite. I haven’t seen one pet not go crazy over this food! If you find it too pricey, mix it with a kibble. My favorite is Orijen.

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Dee May, 2015

Where can I find this dog food and what kind of kibble do you use? Our dog will not eat any kind of dried dog food. He even stopped eating canned food. I have wasted so much food and money trying to find something he will eat besides boiled or sauteed chicken with carrots and rice. I think that’s what causing his constipation. I wish I could afford a trainer to teach him better eating habits.

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James May, 2015

Hi Dee. Susan indicted she uses Orijen, it’s her kibble of choice. She also mentioned Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried dog food. Both of these are available online. Look at her comment and see the blue clickable links, it takes you directly there. I hope that helps.

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Ruby's Mum February, 2015

I have a 12 year old Jack Russell that keeps itching and scooting on the carpets. I’m pretty sure it’s her anal glands and I’ve booked a vet appointment. She had this problem only a few months ago. Is there a way I can prevent this from reoccurring? She already has a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

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Jason May, 2015

Sometimes it’s as simple as a pocket in there causing some discomfort. Most dogs will get this at some point in their life. A vet may just pop it and send you on your way. I highly doubt it’s due to a dietary issue as long as she hasn’t been straining when she goes to the bathroom.

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Barbara February, 2015

How is oatmeal prepared to be safe for my 8 year old overweight Chihuahua?

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