Can I Give My Dog Mylanta?

Can I Give My Dog Mylanta?Mylanta is a medicinal syrup that can be given to patients (people) suffering from upset stomach. If you have gas, this can also serve as an antacid to relieve the pain in your tummy. In some cases, the Mylanta is also a proven solution in getting rid of bloating problems around the stomach area.

If you have been a dog owner for sometime, you have surely noticed that dogs can suffer from a lot of ailments and disorders just like people. Sometimes, they even exhibit the same symptoms as their human counterparts. When this happens, some dog owners simply reach out to the medicine cabinet to find something that can be given to their pets. It is of course done in good intention with the hope that our medicines can also cure our beloved pets.

Are people medicines always safe for pets? In cases of gas and bloating problems, is it really alright to give Mylanta to your pet dog?

Can I Give My Dog Mylanta? Answer: Yes

Fortunately, Mylanta is one of the human medicines that can also be given to dogs. This is a safe type of antacid and it can treat your dog’s stomach problems without harmful side effects.

However, as with all medicines, especially those that are intended for people, it is important that you ask your vet about the proper dosage for your dog. The vet will take into account your dog’s breed, age, weight, and overall health condition in deciding the right dosage for them.

Causes of Stomach Upset

There are a lot of reasons why your pet dog can have an upset stomach. If you suddenly change your pet’s diet, it can disturb the natural rhythm of the intestines. When changing a dog’s diet, it is always recommended that you do so gradually.

Your can mix the new diet with his usual diet in small portions first, and then gradually increase the portion over time until your pet’s stomach becomes adjusted to the new ingredients. This way, your dog will not experience any stomach upset due to the sudden introduction of a new type of meal.

Like people, a dog can also suffer from gas pain out of nowhere. It may be due to his surroundings or there may be other factors involved. As having gas is very uncomfortable and irritating, you can give your pet dog Mylanta to provide relief for his or her gas pain.

If Your Dog Has an Upset Stomach

If you have a garden that has some grass, allow your dog to go outside for a while. You might observe that your dog will try to eat some grass and then throw up afterwards. This is perfectly normal and it can be very helpful to your dog too. You see, eating grass provides relief for dogs with upset tummies. And when they throw up, they also release some saliva and gas to clear their stomachs.

This is actually one of their instincts in curing themselves from a bad tummy ache. And if you notice that your dog’s stomach problems subside after eating grass, then there is no need to give any further medication.

If your dog’s problem doesn’t clear up soon enough, you can also try changing your pet’s diet for a while. Boiled chicken and rice, the bland diet, works well for dogs with tummy problems just as it would work for people too. So keep them on this diet for a while until everything goes back to normal again.

Some vets even advise fasting your dog for 24 hours in order to clear a stomach problem. But this method is not recommended if your particular pet is suffering from gas pain. The stomach tends to produce more gas and acid when empty, so be wary of fasting your dog unnecessarily.

Ask a Vet First!

Before giving your own medicines like Mylanta to your pet dog, you should ask yourself first if the medicine is safe for dogs. Most human medicines are toxic to pets and you could be placing your dog’s health in danger by being careless. The best thing to do is to ask a vet for the right medicine or to at least get permission in giving people medicines to your dog. This way you will know if a certain type of medicine is safe and you will know about the proper dosage too.

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