Can I Give My Dog Mouthwash?

Can I Give My Dog Mouthwash?If the family dog gives you wet and sloppy kisses, the bad smell they leave behind may be a big problem for you. Giving a mint, a Tic Tac, an Altoid or even mouthwash have all been tried before.

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Dogs are notorious for having bad breath¬†which is why the condition is called doggie breath! Can human mouthwash help to combat the terrible smell? Let’s look at the merits of this idea and also talk about alternative solutions.

For mouthwash to be effective, it needs to be thoroughly swished around and gargled. That means it won’t work for your best buddy and, instead, they may swallow the chemical liquid making matters worse. So these breath fresheners aren’t suitable or safe for dogs.

Can I Give My Dog Mouthwash? Answer: No, bad idea

Canines have no way of properly utilizing these popular products which were designed for human use only.

There are many ingredients in commercial mouthwash which make it inappropriate for dogs because they are likely to swallow it. Besides vomiting, your pet pooch only knows how to get things down the hatch. That’s exactly where the mouthwash will end up and you want to avoid that! Most brands, such as Listerine,¬†contain alcohol and many other ingredients which your dog should never be ingesting.

Instead get a special water additive designed for dogs that freshens their breath in a safer manner.

Mouthwash Ingredients

If you take the time to find out what’s exactly in mouthwash, then you’ll know it’s definitely not appropriate for dogs. These products can contain as much as 27% alcohol. Not only that, mouthwash often has preservatives such as¬†sodium benzoate which have no business being in your four-legged friend’s stomach.

The active ingredients can include numerous types of antiseptics, astringents¬†and various chemical compounds. The point is you don’t want these nasty chemicals going down your dog’s throat and sitting in the stomach.

Just as you wouldn’t want to swallow mouthwash, avoid the same applies for a beloved pet.

Mouthwash for Dogs

The solution is to get specially formulated oral care products to treat your dog’s bad breath problem. These are developed and tested to ensure there are no negative reactions. Such products allow for swallowing and will pass through their digestive system uneventfully. It’s much more effective and safer than human mouthwash, for sure!

In particular, there is a specially made dog mouthwash that gets excellent reviews.

Cleaning Teeth is Key

There are also canine toothpastes and toothbrushes. With these, and the above-mentioned mouthwash made for dogs, you’ll have everything you need to keep your best buddy’s mouth smelling fresh and healthy. Using these products on a regular basis will go a long way towards keeping your dog’s mouth clean¬†and in good shape! Preventative care is so important.

Establish a routine, either every other day or at least once a week, to keep plaque from accumulating in your dog’s mouth.

The Truth About Mouths

They say that the canine mouth is cleaner than that of a human, but it sure doesn’t seem that way most of the time. If you’re dog has exceptionally bad breath, you really should consult with your vet to see if there is an underlying problem. In such cases, they may require a professional cleaning as well as a full checkup.

Depending on what breed of dog you have, you should schedule cleanings regularly.

Conclusion on Mouthwash

Don’t use human mouthwash as a fix for your dog’s bad breath. Your buddy cannot be swallowing harsh chemicals, additives and alcohol found in regular mouthwash. It also will not be effective since they cannot gargle. More importantly, it can be harmful for dogs. Instead, consider getting a good quality product that’s designed for animals.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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