Can I Give My Dog Melon?

Can I Give My Dog Melon?Who doesn’t like melon! Most dogs will also love such a refreshing and nutritious treat, especially in the summer. Fear not, feeding this fabulous fruit to Fido is fine.

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There are many types of melon including cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew. None are particularly harmful for dogs. That said, canines generally don’t process fruits as well as us humans.

Limit the frequency and portion size when it comes to sharing melon. Don’t lose sight of the fact that dogs, more than anything, require protein much more than any of nature’s sweet treats.

Can I Give My Dog Melon? Answer: Yes, seedless and in moderation

Your buddy can safely share in this delicious treat with your family.

Most dogs enjoy melon such as cantaloupe and, among other benefits, they can help to keep your canine well-hydrated. A good percentage of melons are comprised of water. So your dog will feel cool and refreshed, especially when it’s hot outside. Of course, you shouldn’t depend on melons alone for hydration.

Serve melon to your dog in moderation and be sure to remove any and all seeds before they get their paws this fruit.

Melons and Dog Food

Although melons are generally safe for dogs to consume, these fruits should only be given as treats or snacks. Your pet will still need to eat their quality dog food which should be fortified with vitamins and minerals that are tailored for a dog’s needs.

So be sure to stick to regular chow and don’t get carried away with melon. This is a convenient and smart feeding strategy, so don’t go rouge and be unconventional.

Giving people foods too often, including melon, can result in your dog becoming a picky eater and they could  start to be lacking in certain essential nutrients such as protein.

The Drawbacks of Melon

Fruits, like melon, can have some negative effects on your dog if given indiscriminately. For one, the seeds may block the intestinal tract and are not easily digestible.

That’s why people don’t eat melon seeds when preparing melon recipes. If the seeds are harmful to people, you can also assume they can be harmful to a pet dog.

Another bad effect of giving too much melon to your dog is that it can lead to loose stools or diarrhea. Melons have high watery contents. This can make your dog’s poop really soft. So give a bit of melon only in moderation.

You should only give fresh melon bits and pieces to your dog. No, not those fruity and smoothie melon concoctions that have milk and sugar! Shakes and preparations that contain other ingredients aren’t suitable for dogs.

In spite of melons being safe, it doesn’t necessarily follow that all melon recipes can be given to your pet dog. You are asking for trouble if you assume that and your dog’s health can be affected as well.

Conclusion on Melon

You can share melon with your dog. It’s a nutritious and hydrating treat that’s best served during the hot summer months. But understand that fruits, in general, aren’t processed by dogs as well compared to the human digestive system. Don’t be alarmed, or surprised, if your dog has a bit of diarrhea after eating melon. Don’t overdo it and serve small portions.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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