Can I Give My Dog Ice Cubes?

Can I give my dog ice cubes?There’s been a scary rumor going around about it being dangerous to give ice cubes to dogs or puppies. Your best buddy’s hydration is very important but safety is obviously the primary concern.

Iced treats can be a safe and suitable solution, for both people and their dogs, as a way to beat the summer heat. No doubt that ice cubes can cool down a canine but there are a few key pitfalls to avoid.

There are actually good and bad ways to serve ice cubes to your pet dog. We are going to tell you how to avoid a ‘sticky situation’ and also suggest a favorite alternate for Fido’s sake.

Can I Give My Dog Ice Cubes? Answer: Yes, but not deep frozen (sticky) & crush them up

Prevent frozen water from sticking to your best buddy’s tongue by crushing the cubes which will also eliminate a potential choking hazard.

It’s also best to avoid giving puppy dogs any ice cubes for safety’s sake. Some make claims that adverse reactions to ice cubes, such as vomiting and bloating, are possible when given to dogs. Most experts, however, say it’s fine and they even recommend this kind of hydration. As long as you ensure that your dog doesn’t choke, or damage their teeth, ice cubes are appropriate.

We take it a step further and make all-natural frozen dog treats. The unique tray can be used for plain ice as well as the included recipes.

Ease Into this Natural Treat

There’s no way to know in advance how well your dog will tolerate ice cubes. Start out small by giving just one, crushed up, to see how they react. Certainly wild dogs sometimes drink icy water from very cold lakes and streams. They may even consume snow during the winter months.

In that sense, it’s easy to understand that most dogs can handle either cold water or some ice cubes. Young puppies, on the other hand, may not be mature enough to deal with the concentrated coldness of ice.

Hardness & Teeth Concerns

Most dogs, unfortunately, won’t just lap at an ice cube but instead chomp it up like it’s their food. This can lead to broken teeth if you give them too many or if they are too hard. That’s why crushed, shaved or ice chips are best.

You also don’t want your dog to be expecting an ice cube, or dessert, each time you open the freezer. Ration this clever cool down treat so that it remains a treat and not something your dog wants all the time.

A few ice cubes, here and there, can actually help to keep your pet’s teeth clean!

Choking Hazard & Solution

Be aware that full size ice cubes can be a choking hazard. This is especially true for smaller breeds and puppies. Most of the time such a mishap quickly resolves itself because the dog will either cough it back up or the ice will melt before becoming a serious issue. Again, crush up your ice cubes before giving any and your dog won’t possibly experience such a frightening scenario.

Ice Cubes in a Water Bowl

Putting a few ice cubes in your dog’s water dish is actually a great way to keep their water supply cool during the summertime. This is also true if you live in a hot or dry climate, or after your dog has greatly exerted themselves. In this sense, ice cubes can indirectly cause your dog to drink more water. They’ll be better hydrated as a result!

Conclusion on Ice Cubes

Giving ice cubes to a dog makes sense in the summertime. Staying hydrated, especially when it’s hot outside, using this method is reasonable. Ice cube rumors claiming they’re dangerous for dogs are exaggerated. Just avoid serving up extremely cold ice cubes since they may stick to your dog’s tongue or even damage their teeth. Besides that, crushed ice is recommended to avoid any possibility of choking.

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