Can I Give My Dog Garlic?

Can I Give My Dog Garlic?Everyone knows garlic is healthy, but does the same apply to your dog? Owners often hear that it’s somehow dangerous. Let’s dig into all the details.

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Whether or not garlic is okay for dogs is hotly debated. The truth is there are numerous benefits to be had for canines, while there’s also potential for harm.

The downsides need to be understand to avoid mishaps. Your dog can take advantage of garlic’s protein, vitamins B6 & C, minerals and medicinal properties.

Can I Give My Dog Garlic? Answer: Yes, in tiny amounts

Feeding small portions is safe. It’s cats that should never eat any.

Dogs are more sensitive to garlic than people. Use sparingly and it will be beneficial. There are valid reasons for a canine to consume a bit of garlic. Just be cautious when initially feeding this pungent-flavored food. Limit portions to 1 clove, or perhaps 2 garlic cloves for larger breeds.

A chewable brewers yeast garlic supplement designed for pets is the most consistent and effective way to incorporate this healthy food into a dog’s diet.

Reasons to be Cautious

Garlic belongs to the Allium family with chives, onions and scallions. Some dogs are allergic. Normally though, garlic is only harmful in large doses.

It does have the potential to trigger Heinz bodies or oxidative damage to your animal’s red blood cells. This can cause anemia and, in rare situations, even death.

The Medicinal Benefits

Garlic has long been a natural remedy. With more than 30 compounds, it’s good for many ailments. It can even be an antibiotic in crushed form.

This is one amazing holistic medicinal plant and with the same health benefits for dogs.

Immune System Boost

Garlic enhances the functions of the bloodstream by boosting killer cells. These are responsible for destroying cancer and other harmful microbes.

Giving your dog garlic fortifies the immune system and protects against certain diseases. It’s an excellent addition to a furry friend’s diet.

Doggie Detoxification

Garlic, related to ginger, also detoxifies. Some of its compounds improve liver function by eliminating harmful toxins.

Toxic accumulation, which can cause canine cancer, may be stopped and possibility overcome by eating garlic.

For Fighting Infections

Garlic cloves are a potent antibiotic and anti-microbial. It will fight against a dog’s parasitic, fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

Crushed garlic, mixed in olive oil, is an antiseptic for ear mites, ear infections and minor injuries.

Adding some fresh garlic to your dog’s diet is preventative for infections of the intestines, mouth, respiratory tract, throat and stomach.

Repels Ticks and Fleas

Garlic’s strong odor keeps away ticks and fleas. It’s, perhaps, the best application for dogs!

When Garlic is Unsafe

Though garlic is safe in small amounts, there are times to avoid sharing. Don’t feed garlic prior to a surgery.

It’s also not recommended for anemic dogs. Puppies shouldn’t partake since their blood cells aren’t fully developed.

Conclusion on Garlic

You can give your dog small portions of garlic. It’s healthy and a useful natural remedy. Be conservative and feed only 1 clove, or 2 maximum for big breeds. Too much garlic can be harmful. Watch for allergic reactions whenever introducing new foods to a pet dog.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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