Can I Give My Dog Diarrhea Medicine?

Can I Give My Dog Diarrhea Medicine?Finding a good diarrhea medicine for the family dog is frustrating. When a pet gets an upset stomach or similar symptoms, perhaps after eating something questionable, the treatment options can make your head spin!

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Complicated canine bowel problems can’t be cured with conventional over-the-counter diarrhea medications, though mild cases sometimes respond well to popular meds. We’ll talk about the merits of OTC products for dogs as well as natural remedies.

You probably know that the use of human medications to treat pets is fraught with hazards. Obviously you don’t want to unnecessarily endanger your dog. A vet’s diagnosis is required if diarrhea continues to linger. In the meantime, learn as much as possible and avoid experimentation.

Can I Give My Dog Diarrhea Medicine? Answer: Consider Imodium A-D or natural remedies

Up to 0.1mg (1/10th of a milligram) of Imodium AD per pound, given every 8 hours, can work but read about safer methods.

Imodium, and similar solutions, should be limited to 2 days or less. Medications meant for people are serious business when given to a pet dog. That’s why we favor natural alternatives which are much safer and more sustainable treatment methods. A good compromise is to consider a quality anti-diarrhea liquid medicine formulated specifically for dogs.

Canines with kidney or liver problems as well as nursing or pregnant pups shouldn’t take Imodium or similar medicines.

Another Human OTC Med

Another over-the-counter product that’s often used to reduce diarrhea in dogs is Pepto Bismol. Usually the dose is 1 milliliter per ten pounds, every eight hours or so. While Pepto is generally considered safe for dogs, you should still confirm it with your vet before administering. They’ll be able to tell you whether it’s appropriate and exactly what dose is best.

Natural Diarrhea Remedies

If your dog still has a good appetite, take advantage by trying a traditional approach with a natural remedy. Plain cooked oatmeal works wonders for diarrhea and it’s also a healthy treat. The same goes for canned pumpkin.

Another option that’s recommended is a special carrot supplement designed for dogs which gets rave reviews. The high fiber content helps bulk up the stool and it’s also easy on the stomach.

Cases of Severe Dehydration

Dogs with diarrhea are prone to being severely dehydrated. Observation is important to ensure that they’re drinking plenty of water. Understand that what they drink and eat will likely pass through their system quickly. This is why people swear by the use of PedialyteHydration should be your biggest concern while you seek solutions.

Some dogs are genetically prone to diarrhea, possibly making it a regular occurrence which can be quite a shock. The squirts, as it’s called, is symptomatic of severe diarrhea. In such cases, your dog will have no control and it will shoot out of them anywhere and at any time. Over and above this being unpleasant, this is when they are most likely to become dehydrated.

Checking Hydration Levels

If your pet dog remains ill and is refusing to eat or drink then they need professional help. In the meantime, try rubbing some honey or maple syrup on their gums every couple of hours to keep their blood sugar levels up.

Do a hydration test on the skin. Take the skin between your dog’s shoulder blades and pull it up. If it bounces back into place then they are likely fine hyradation-wise. If, however, it takes a couple of seconds to fall back into place then your dog is probably suffering from dehydration which can be quite serious.

Conclusion on Diarrhea Meds

You can administer certain OTC medicines to dogs. Imodium, for example, can help with diarrhea and bowel issues. But reach out to a vet if your dog’s gastrointestinal problems are chronic or lingering or if there’s blood in their stool. Such situations require that you discontinue conventional human diarrhea medicines. Consider that natural alternatives are safer for dogs and much more appropriate over the long term.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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