Can I Give My Dog Diarrhea Medicine?

Can I give my dog diarrhea medicine?Finding a reliable diarrhea medicine for your pooch can be a challenge. Dogs, like humans, will get an upset stomach from eating the wrong thing. As you know your dog probably gets into things he shouldn’t, eating off the sidewalk or grabbing something in the park.

Watching a dog with diarrhea is heart breaking, you can’t explain to them what is going on and you want to fix the problem as soon as possible. There are a couple of over the counter human diarrhea medicine that you can offer to your dog and there are a few natural remedies that you can try.

Before you give your dog any human medication it’s advisable to confirm with your vet if it’s safe. Dogs suffering with kidney or liver problems usually can’t take human medication, nor can dogs that are pregnant or nursing.

Your vet will have your dog’s full medical history and will be able to confirm if it’s safe, what dosage to give and how often you should administer the medication to ensure that your dog benefits.

Can I Give My Dog Diarrhea Medicine? Answer: Imodium AD

As with all human medication confirm with your vet before giving to your pet. Generally a dog will benefit from 0.05 to 0.1mg of Imodium AD per pound of dog. In severe cases this can be given every eight hours.

When using Imodium AD as a diarrhea medicine in dogs you mustn’t use for longer than 2 days, if after 2 days your dog doesn’t appear to be improving, contact the vet.

Dogs with kidney or liver problems and nursing or pregnant dogs cannot take Imodium. Once again confirm dosage with your vet before administering to ensure your dog gets the best result from the medication.

Other Human Over-the-Counter Medication
Another common over the counter medication that is used to reduce diarrhea in dogs is Pepto Bismol. Usually you will need to give 1 milliliter per ten pounds of dog every eight hours.

Once again while Pepto Bismol is considered safe for dogs, confirm with your vet before administering. Dogs with liver or kidney problems cannot take this medication, nor can dogs with heart problems.

If you are unsure of your dog’s weight or the dosage you need to give, confirm with your vet first. Your vet will have the dog’s full medical history and will be able to advise whether your dog can take the medication and what dosage is considered safe.

All-Natural Diarrhea Remedies for Dogs
If your dog will eat anything, you will be able to take advantage of this natural remedy for diarrhea. Beat an egg white until you can turn the bowl over without it falling out. Feed that to the dog and it will line their stomach and assist with the diarrhea.

Beaten raw egg whites are also a good remedy for humans where you don’t want to take any medication. If your dog is allergic to dairy, obviously you will not want to attempt this recipe, but you can always confirm with the vet before giving your dog this amazing natural remedy.

Avoid Dehydration
Any dog that develops diarrhea is in danger of becoming dehydrated. Always monitor them closely to ensure that they are drinking enough water, as what they drink and eat will probably pass through their system quickly.

If your dog is ill and refusing to eat or drink, try rubbing some honey or maple syrup on their gums every couple of hours to keep their blood sugar levels up.

Take the skin between your dog’s shoulder blades and pull it up, if it bounces back into place your dog is fine, if it takes a couple of seconds to fall back into place your dog is suffering from dehydration.

Severe Dehydration Concerns
Some dogs are prone to diarrhea and it’s a regular occurrence in your household, but for dog owners that are not used to this happening a dog with severe diarrhea can be a shock.

The squirts, as it’s called, are severe diarrhea. Your dog will have absolutely no control and it will shoot out of them anywhere and at any time. Over and above this being extremely unpleasant, this is when your dog is most likely to become dehydrated.

Another thing to be aware of is dogs with severe diarrhea will often have blood in their stool; this is normal and is due to the strain on the stomach lining. It’s advisable to contact the vet when it gets to this point, and not rely on diarrhea medicine alone.

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Marina Bondareva July 12, 2012

I’m concerned about your recommendation for all natural diarrhea remedies for dogs. First, you recommend egg white but not for dogs allergic to dairy. What is the connection between eggs and dairy? Second, the reason egg may work for diarrhea is due to a substance, called Immunoglobulin Y, in the egg yolk which has immunity against whatever caused the dog’s diarrhea. The egg white contains very little of this immunity factor called IgY.


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