Can I Give My Dog Curry?

Can I Give My Dog Curry?Curry has a wonderful flavor to it, and some types can even help to boost your metabolism, but is it something you can give to your dog, and better yet is it something you should give them.

Dogs and spicy foods generally don’t mix well, and the thought of a dog in the wild eating a spicy meal is kind of ironic, since they wouldn’t know the first thing about how to season what they’re eating, and would simply be left to their own devices, which includes hunting in packs and eating other animals.

What is most often reported from owners when they give their dog spicy foods like curry is cases of vomiting and diarrhea. The dog’s system will try to handle it as they see fit. If it’s too spicy to even be digested they’ll try to yack it up. If it’s mild enough to make it past that test, you’ll usually notice loose stools either the same day, or into the next day as their digestive system tries to make heads or tails of it.

Can I Give My Dog Curry? Answer: Not Recommended

A good rule of thumb when trying to decide whether a certain food is good for your dog or not is to compare it to dog food.

Dogs generally digest and process dog food pretty well, and you’ll notice right away that it isn’t the least bit spicy, or seasoned. It’s rather bland and has a uniform consistency.

This is what your dog is used to if you feed them their daily diet of dog food. When you give them a food like curry it’s like throwing a wrench into a finely tuned machine.

Most dogs will eat just about anything that’s presented to them, especially a nice savory curry, and especially if it is a meat-based curry, like chicken, lamb, or beef. So you really have to be the gatekeeper here and try to keep spicy foods from entering your dog’s system. This is not to say that it poses a serious risk to their health, the way chocolate can, but it’s still not worth giving it to them for the potentially messy clean up later.

Different Cultures, Different Curries

Depending on where you are in the world you’ll have different style of curries, so the spiciness will range from being very hot and spicy, to being more mild. Regardless of the intensity level of the spices used, you’ll want to avoid giving this to your dog because these spices can trigger digestive issues in both humans and canines if they’re not used to eating them.

Just Too Many Ingredients

There are many ingredients used in most curry recipes in addition to the spices. This means that there is a chance the curry could include other foods that aren’t good for your dog to consume. If you do end up giving your dog people food, it’s best to give them simple foods where you know exactly what it is they’re getting.

Certain fruits and vegetables are OK for dogs, but still aren’t necessary as long as they’re getting a quality dog food every day. At least when you feed them whole, simple foods you are

Accidental Ingestion

Sometimes it happens that your dog will eat a lot of curry accidentally, like if you leave a plate unattended, or they get into the pot. In these instances you should be aware that they will probably have a pretty big reaction to it, either in the form of puking most of it back up, or in the form of explosive diarrhea depending on how much they ate.

Other factors include how spicy it was, and what sort of additional ingredients were used including what type of vegetables it contained.

Conclusion on Curry

So even though there may be plenty of stories from dog owners that say they gave their dog curry and nothing happened, the general rule we like to follow is that if it isn’t doing your dog any good, why feed it to them? Dogs aren’t going to savor the robust flavors in the curry, and their stomach might get upset by it, so it’s best to just avoid it entirely.

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