Can I Give My Dog Crab Meat?

Can I Give My Dog Crab Meat?The question of sharing crab meat has been asked by a few curious canine owners. We know that dogs love meat and even require it. Feeding crab, however, raises some doubts.

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We’ll address crab meat, offering pros and cons, so you can better decide. Obviously, if you share with your dog, keep it simple. There are many delicious recipes, but we don’t recommend getting fancy.

Crab is a flavorful food that’s loaded with nutrients including protein and vitamins. These can benefit dogs, at least in theory. There are, however, precautions which we will discuss.

Can I Give My Dog Some Crab Meat? Answer: Yes

Properly prepared crab meat isn’t something that’s off limits.

Canine crab consumption, though, should be in moderation. Anytime you introduce a new human food, it may cause your dog to have an upset stomach and/or diarrhea. If Fido can tolerate crab, it’s healthy. This crustacean is low in calories and saturated fat which makes it a great occasional snack for dogs.

A much more convenient way to provide this special treat is with a quality dog food crab meat recipe!

Crab’s Excellent Nutrients

What stands out about crab meat is the incredible amount of vitamin-B12. This will be beneficial for your dog’s digestive health. It also has omega-3 fatty acids and several types of anti-inflammatories.

Crab is loaded with protein and generally supports the immune system. From a nutritional standpoint, it’s similar to serving up a quality fish.

What we love about it is the low calorie, low fat makeup. Crab won’t overload your dog’s regular diet. Sweet tasting crab meat is a light treat and generally doesn’t contribute to weight gain.

The fact that crab provides extra energy is a wonderful bonus for your dog.

Allergies & The Downside

A reason to be cautious about crab meat is that your dog may be allergic. This is a long shot but, just to be sure, start with a very small serving size. Withhold larger amounts for several hours.

As with most foods, there are downsides to including crab in a dog’s diet. This type of meat contains high levels of sodium. It remains a healthy food, but keep salt and cholesterol intake as low as possible.

Think of crab as a special snack. That is, if your dog actually likes it! Watch the video below.

Crab Sticks and Safety

Unfortunately, fake crab sticks are popular. Usually what’s labeled as crab is actually processed fish of unknown quality. Much like sushi, the Japanese created this concept calling it Kamaboko.

Imitation crab is edible but avoid feeding these sticks to your dog. They contain MSG among other ingredients. Provide your pet with 100% fresh cooked meat. Skip mystery fish labeled as crab sticks.

Obviously, you don’t want your dog chewing on the sharp outside of a cooked crab. They can get to the tasty part on their own, but minimize risks by preparing it.

Conclusion on Crab Meat

You can give your dog small amounts of succulent crab meat. It contains nutrients, but also lots of sodium. Crab meat can’t replace your dog’s regular chow. It can be served in moderation and makes for a good treat. Start out with tiny portions. Alternatively, pick up a quality dog food that incorporates crab.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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