Can I Give My Dog Chia Seeds?

Can I Give My Dog Chia Seeds?Can Chia seeds be fed to your dog? Being healthy and protein-packed, perhaps they can be a nutritious treat!

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While there is nothing harmful about sharing some with a pet dog, undigested chia seeds may be the end result.

Obviously you want your dog to benefit from chia seeds. Luckily you can check for signs of digestive absorption.

Can I Give My Dog Chia Seeds? Answer: Yes, but it may not make sense

Though the vitamins and minerals are excellent, monitor feces for signs the nutrients are not actually being absorbed.

In most cases, chia seeds can safely supplement your dog’s meals. Just provide this health food in moderation. Sprinkle some chia over regular dog food. Go with organic if you can and keep portions pet friendly.

Over time you may see the quality of your canine’s coat improve! Keep reading for more on the benefits of chia seeds!

Portions for a Pooch

You should determine how much chia to feed your dog based on their body weight.

Provide approximately half of a teaspoon for every 20 pounds. You do not need to be exact.

So, as an example, if your pet dog is 30 pounds that would be 3/4 tsp of chia seeds.

Tip: Be extra conservative when first introducing Salvia hispanica (scientific name). Doggie digestion is sometimes tricky.

Healthy for Hounds

Chia seeds are loaded up with valuable omega-3’s but also fiber, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, protein and several other key nutrients.

This fabulous fibrous food may help your dog with a bout of constipation as well as weight loss.

Chia, longer term, may reduce arthritic symptoms and associated joint pain. They contain potent antioxidants which can be especially helpful for older dogs.

More on the Benefits

Interestingly, chia seeds can contribute to blood sugar stabilization. Ask your vet about these seeds if your dog is diabetic.

Your best buddy’s immune system could get a boost, their brain may become a little sharper and better eyesight is even possible.

Healthier skin and coat are among the most noticeable effects of canine chia consumption.

Good For Active Dogs

Another outstanding benefit to feeding chia seeds with meals is the potential for an energy boost.

Share some and see if you notice if your dog becomes a bit more active. Try it!

Conclusion on Chia Seeds

As long as you have the wherewithal to give your dog only what it needs, and don’t feed it a bunch of people food or supplements made for humans, they will basically be on a very healthy diet and the difference can be seen in a matter of days.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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