Can I Give My Dog Chia Seeds?

Can I Give My Dog Chia Seeds?Chia seeds offer some fantastic health benefits so let’s find out if they’re suitable for sharing with your pet dog. If Fido can properly digest these protein-packed seeds then perhaps they can occasionally be part of an excellent treat.

Consider that dogs have fairly short and quick digestive systems as well as fast metabolism. Chia seeds, therefore, may not be absorbed enough to actually be of benefit. So it’s possible that the nutritional benefits would be wasted.

In any case, there’s nothing particularly harmful about this health food. Just know that if Chia seeds are coming out the other end, undigested, that would reveal a lot. It may not make much sense to feed them to the family dog.

Can I Give My Dog Chia Seeds? Answer: Yes, but not a great idea

Though this seed is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, there’s likely no valid reason to share.

Unlike humans, where we need a laundry list of different foods and supplements, dogs are pretty simple. They only require their basic nutritional intake from the dog food they regularly eat. It’s already been fortified with everything they need, unlike our foods that have nutritional gaps in them.

So the downside to being a dog is that you have to eat the same food every day, but the upside is that they don’t need to base their whole life around food, and they can just wolf it down and get on with their business. So it’s a good idea not to get swept away in all of the new health fads that come around for humans every single week or so.

You don’t need to supplement a dog’s diet as long as you are giving them the good stuff. A better way to go about it is to put all the money that you would be spending on supplements for your dog into the best quality dog food you can buy.

Chia Seeds are Very Healthy

Chia seeds are full of omega-3’s which is why they are really catching on as a health food. They’ve also been credited as being a way to lose weight without feeling hungry. Chia seeds can help to stabilize blood sugar levels and give you more energy. They’ve even been said to help with anti-aging because of the antioxidants they contain.

But none of these factors will actually help your dog out. It’s really just wishful thinking so it’s best to just not even worry about it. Keep them for yourself instead and save your money.

A Simple Diet is Best

The simplicity of a dog is something that most owners enjoy. It can be easy to get into a state of fretting for your dog’s well-being, but you really don’t need to create a problem where there isn’t one, and you don’t need to start adding things to their daily diet that they don’t need, and won’t have any effect anyway.

One of the best things about a dog is that once you improve their intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that they can actually absorb you are going to notice an almost instant boost in their energy levels and happiness. You’ll see them running around more than than they used to, you’ll see a shinier coat, they’ll have fresher breath, and you’ll see their muscle structure improve if they are a muscular breed.

The reason is that unlike a human, a dog is pretty much subjected to whatever you feed it. They don’t really have two worry about something like willpower or food cravings because they are eating what you give them.

As long as you have the wherewithal to give your dog only what it needs, and don’t feed it a bunch of people food or supplements made for humans, they will basically be on a very healthy diet and the difference can be seen in a matter of days.

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Alex February, 2016

Dogs benefit from all the health benefits chia seeds offer.


Sandi June, 2015

I grind my chia in a coffee grinder used only for grinding dried seeds and kale. Then I add it to some organic yoghurt for me and the dogs. We love it.


Marsha March, 2015

From what I’ve researched, it’s suggested to soak Chia seeds for 24-48 hours before adding to your dog’s food. This accommodates the difference in their digestion system (or grind the seeds). I’m looking for something that I can mix with my dog’s food that doesn’t have a strong odor or taste, to help with digestion, compacted anal glands and very importantly inflammation.

As an aside, in one of the comments, I noted that they feed their dog only kibble. From what I’ve researched this isn’t very healthy and hard on the kidneys. I cook a batch of quinoa and mix with a high quality canned food, always adding probiotics, Gold Sea Meal and some ground flax seed which also has anti-inflammatory properties. He likes it topped with chicken and pieces of cheese. That’s for my senior Wheaten Terrier who came to us over a year ago, neglected food wise and emotionally very fragile. Darby is the picture of health now, and loves his marrow bones and raw chicken backs too. He loves being loved and part of our animal family.

I adore my 6 pound Yorkipoo who is a pain in the ass with food. He’s pickier than a cat. Probiotics are virtually tasteless and I can get away with a sprinkling of ground flax seed. But I’m going to give Chia seeds a try, with my other pets too, hoping it will help with a luxating patella. Actually I’m going to start taking it again too.


Nina February, 2016

Marsh, have you ever tried giving your dog coconut oil? My dog loves it plain and he even licks it off the spoon. You can add a tablespoon to your dog’s food. It really is great for their digestion and also contains lots of vitamins.


Holli September, 2014

I set my yogurt out with raw chia seeds and my dog ate half of it. From what I’ve read it won’t hurt her. But I am concerned. She only gets dry Blue Buffalo dog food, water and a dental bone. I guess I will have to wait and see how her body reacts. She’s a 16 pound Terrier-mix. Wish me luck!


Susie July, 2014

I just started giving my pug chia seed solely because it has more fiber and she has been having a problem with her anal glands. It seems I always have to take her to get them expressed and I just can’t stand seeing her scooting all the time. I mix the chia seed with pure pumpkin and she still gets her 1/4 cup of healthy dog food morning and night.

It seems to be working, so I’m not going to change anything. I am not one of the health freaks (for myself or for any of my other pets) but I was trying so hard to find something with more fiber and I am just praying that this is the trick. I’m just glad to know that chia seed isn’t unhealthy for her.


Terry March, 2015

My Lhasa Apso has problems with bunged up anal glands. I found giving her a small amount of oat bran in her morning feed helps a bit. The glands still need emptying every three months but I hope the interval between emptying gets longer.


Mike March, 2015

I give my Golden Retriever pieces of the FruitChia bars from Get Chia. They’re really made for people, but she loves them! Her coat seems more lustrous and she scoots less when she has some in her diet. They’re gluten-free, vegan and the sugar is all natural.


Marla March, 2014

I put chia seeds in my Nutribullet and blend them up and put them out for my pets. They usually eat them every night. They have come and barked at me and led me back to the kitchen when the chia dish is empty. If I’m in the kitchen, they just come in and stare at me if it’s empty and they want some. They must know what they need because they have good high quality food and water out at all times. They still demolish 3 tablespoons of blended chia every night between them.


Anonymous September, 2013

I put Chia seeds in my juice overnight. In the morning it is supple and soft. It’s a great way to start the morning.


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