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Can I Give My Dog Grits?

Can I Give My Dog Grits

Eating grits is very popular in some regions of the United States. Since millions of dog owners love this breakfast side dish, we consider it worthy of discussing. After all, your canine has a powerful nose! Before feeding any new food to the family dog, you should make your careful decision using all of the pros and cons. For recipes, […]

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Can I Give My Dog Cream Cheese?

Can I Give My Dog Cream Cheese

Awhile ago we talked about bagels for dogs but what about something that goes with it; you guessed it: cream cheese. Whether or not you’ll feed this to your best buddy really depends on how strict of a owner you want to be. In general, cream cheese in itself is not toxic for canines. That, however, doesn’t mean it’s a good […]

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Can I Give My Dog Persimmon?

Can I Give My Dog Persimmon

Though not the most well-known of fruits, the persimmon is a question mark for more than just a few dog owners. For that reason we are covering it here to try to clear up some misconceptions and confusion. Surprisingly persimmons are berries. But regardless of how you classify them, if someone in your circle enjoys this type of fruit, your […]

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Can I Give My Dog Raisins?

Can I Give My Dog Raisins

All raisins are basically dried grapes. It stands to reason that if this fruit, in its raw form, has a high potential to be harmful for dogs then any variation should also be off limits. This assumption is correct but there’s more to consider. Raisins are quite popular, everyone recognizes the Sun-Maid packaging that you see here. But this fruity snack […]

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Can I Give My Dog Chinese Food?

Can I Give My Dog Chinese Food

Ordering Chinese food for takeout is something many families do. It’s very tasty and can make for an easy dinner choice when you don’t feel like cooking. No doubt your dog would be happy to take care of any delicious leftovers, but should they? It can be a dilemma since Chinese food is quite filling and sometimes you cannot finish your meal. […]

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