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Can I Give My Dog a Donut?


Dogs and delicious donuts definitely do not mix. This favorite human treat is surely one that your pet has had their sights on at one time or another. Sharing, in this case, is not caring but you probably already know this. So don’t look to your dog if you are having trouble finishing off a […]

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Can I Give My Dog Sesame Seeds?

Can I Give My Dog Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are included in lots of recipes. Bagels, breads and hamburger buns are usually where they show up most in everyday life. In any case, the possibility of allergies is a small concern when sharing these nutty seeds with a pet dog. But in all likelihood, a bit of sprinkled sesame seeds won’t have […]

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Can I Give My Dog Radish?

Can I Give My Dog Radish

When sharing the occasional salad with the family dog, you may wonder about the suitability of including some raw radish. This spicy, sometimes bitter, root vegetable is surprisingly asked about quite often by concerned pet parents. There are many varieties and flavors of radish and, luckily, none are considered to be toxic for dogs. But that, […]

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Can I Give My Dog Sauerkraut?

Can I Give My Dog Sauerkraut

During summer lots of folks eat sauerkraut since it’s often used as a condiment for hotdogs and sandwiches. This is a food that can be surprisingly healthy, but what about its appropriateness for a pet dog? Sometimes sauerkraut turns up when friends and family have a casual barbecue. Your dog will surely want to be […]

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Can I Give My Dog Bell Peppers?

Can I Give My Dog Bell Peppers

If your family often eats bell peppers you may wonder if they are appropriate for dogs. Can canines consume capsicum? Whether you have the red, green, yellow or orange variety we will provide answers. These rainbow colored veggies are, of course, healthy and that fact also generally applies to your dog. There are, however, some considerations for serving […]

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