Can I Give My Dog Cashews?

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Can I Give My Dog Cashews?It’s pretty evident that most dogs, if not all, absolutely love peanut butter, however a spoonful of this mouth-watering treat is very much different from that of raw nuts such as cashews. Experts say that eating a considerate serving of nuts each day can provide us with tremendous health benefits.

Unfortunately, the results deem opposing effects on animals with dogs being on the top of the list. So, you might want to hold off on this nutty treat for your dog until you obtain a better understanding of nuts and their effects on pups.

Dog owners are slowly treating their pets as if they were normal human beings, but you can’t forget that dogs are still animals and their bodies might not require the same amount or type of nutrients we need daily.

Can I Give My Dog Cashews? Answer: Yes, on occasion

Human food such as cashews might not seem harmful if given as a treat to your dog, but if gobbled down by your canine companion, cashews can be incredibly toxic and dangerous to their health. Dogs follow a specific diet based on their lifestyle and a small bowl of them isn’t exactly included.

The personality of dogs is typically energetic and curious. Keeping an eye on them can be extremely demanding. Preventing them from getting their paws on such things like nuts left on the kitchen counter is nearly impossible unless you have four sets of eyes.

This is why pet owners must be extra careful about the food they leave out on the table. A few sniffs is all it takes for anything aromatic to find its way into your dog’s mouth and tummy.

Cashews are an abundant source of dietary fiber and are moderately lower in fat content compared to other nuts like almonds, pecans and walnuts. It is also a good source of calcium, magnesium and flavonols. If given as an occasional snack, cashews can be favorable to your dog’s health just as long as the consumption is limited. You may want to look into buying unsalted ones or those that use less salt.

Risks of Giving Cashews

Constantly munching on cashews can do either one of two things: destroy your dog’s diet or give your dog an allergic reaction. Most nuts, including cashews, are high in fat and sodium. Too much of this in their diet can cause your dog to gain unnecessary weight which can lead to more serious health problems such as artery blockage and gall stones.

Nuts are one of the most common food allergens in humans and can be for dogs as well. Eating nuts such as cashews can cause mild vomiting, diarrhea and excessive thirst. You may even notice your dog break out in hives. In more severe cases, eating cashews can lead to sodium toxicosis (salt poison) or even anaphylactic shock.

Nuts that are Harmful

Not all nuts are strictly off limits for dogs. Along with cashews, almonds and peanuts are also fine to give your dog occasionally as a treat. On the other hand, macadamia nuts are exceedingly toxic for dogs.

Within 12 hours of ingestion, your dog may experience an inability to walk or stand on all fours. Your dog may also encounter a fever, elevated heart rate and slight tremors. If these symptoms don’t go away within a day or two, you might have a serious problem on your hands.

Allergic Reaction to Cashews

Again, nuts can easily cause a sensitive reaction in some dogs. For mild cases such as skin rashes and irritation, you may give your dog a couple of milligrams of Benadryl or apply a topical ointment to abate the allergic reaction. The amount of Benadryl to be administered to your dog is solely based on your dog’s weight, so if you don’t already know how much to give your dog, you might want to speak with a veterinarian.

If your dog has ingested cashews and is acting stranger than usual, you want to take your pet to the local clinic as soon as possible in order to receive proper treatment.

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Mike November 8, 2014

This article is based on the notion that a cashew is a nut. A cashew is a seed. Peanuts are not a nut either, they are legumes. Almonds are also seeds. There is also a big difference between a raw and processed cashew. A raw cashew is toxic.

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J W December 25, 2014

Peanuts, cashews and almonds are commonly referred to as nuts. It’s not possible, to my knowledge, to buy raw cashews as they are toxic.

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Terence December 27, 2013

Cashews have high-oxalate content which should be avoided by dogs prone to kidney stones.

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