Can I Give My Dog Calcium Supplements?

Can I Give My Dog Calcium Supplements?Whether to give your dog a calcium supplement should depend on their situation. Adding more of this mineral is normally unnecessary, and healthy bones are ensured, when quality canine chow is provided.

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On the other hand, some dogs do require special help in the form of calcium. Veterinarians, in certain cases, will recommend such supplementation and often for deficient large breeds in particular.

So, adding calcium in addition to your pet dog’s regular food isn’t the norm. This essential dietary mineral is received when Fido is eating healthy. Too much calcium could actually harm your precious pet.

Can I Give My Dog Extra Calcium? Answer: Yes, but usually unnecessary

This important mineral is easily obtained in quality dog food, though a canine-formulated calcium supplement is sometimes appropriate.

Dogs, just like humans, absolutely require calcium. It defends against debilitating bone diseases, helps maintain the muscles as well as strong teeth. There are cases when providing a dog with extra calcium makes sense but a professional’s help is probably needed for such scenarios. Understand that calcium deficiency is almost always the result of an improper or imbalanced diet. Ensure that your dog is getting their required vitamins and minerals from a highly recommended dry dog food.

If you suspect a calcium deficiency then consulting with a vet is best.

Calcium in Chow for Canines

So yes, you do need to see to it that your dog gets enough calcium. That’s why it’s essential to never buy a low-grade or cheap chow or rely on the sharing of table scraps. Get the good stuff which will top up your dog’s calcium levels the right way. This is absolutely the best long-term dietary strategy for your pet.

The Scenarios and Symptoms

Some female dogs, particularly during pregnancy, may require additional calcium. This could be especially true if they are carrying a large litter. A calcium deficiency may cause symptoms like tremors, weakness and even seizures. Some vets will tell you that larger breeds sometimes need calcium or other types of supplementation.

No doubt, the most common reason for a dog needing extra calcium is due to an imbalanced home-made diet or low quality kibble.

Calcium Supplement Dangers

Too much calcium in your dog’s diet could lead to serious health issues down the road. Prolonged and excessive levels can cause urinary tract infections ie. crystallization of the urine.

Kidney stones, adrenal gland failure and even increased cancer risks are also possible for dogs receiving unnecessary calcium. In the short term, common signs include increased thirst and urination, lethargy as well as a loss of appetite.

Ironically, unneeded calcium over an extended period, it could end up causing bone problems later in life such as a condition called hip dysplasia.

Evaluating Your Dog’s Diet

Ask yourself if your dog is getting what they need to thrive. First and foremost, make sure their formulated food contains a meat that’s listed as the first ingredient.

A combination of veggies and other vitamins and minerals should also be listed high up on the label. That will take care of your dog’s calcium requirements and you won’t need to concern yourself with supplementation.

This diet strategy will give you peace of mind. Now you just need to combine this healthy canine diet with daily physical activity and lots of love.

Get those three things right and you won’t have to worry about adding calcium or any other questionable ideas. Keep things simple for your dog’s sake.

Conclusion on Calcium

Most canines do not require added calcium. Quality dog food is formulated with a sufficient levels of this key mineral. Calcium supplementation should only be considered when there’s a valid reason to do so. Otherwise, you can harm your pet dog by giving them too much of a good thing, calcium included. If you believe that your dog should receive this type of supplement then definitely run it past your vet beforehand.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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