Can I Give My Dog Butter?

Can I Give My Dog Butter?Butter is a fatty substance typically made with fresh cows’ milk. There’s also a heavy cream version of butter which is often used as a spread condiment or a cooking ingredient. Dog’s probably shouldn’t be eating any version of it but let’s find out more.

Butter can be very unhealthy especially if high cholesterol is an issue. Using excessive amounts can lead to blocked arteries and heart disease. However, butter does contain some vitamins and may be somewhat healthy when consumed in moderation. So what does this mean for your dog?

Though controversial, animals may also have butter in moderation. Some vets believe animal fat, butter included, can help with canine skin allergies. We are skeptical about it. Certainly its consumption must be in very small amounts since dogs are also prone to obesity and high cholesterol.

Can My Dog Have Butter? Answer: Not Recommended

Think of the risks butter has for you and your own health, then consider your dog!

But it really depends on your dog’s overall health. Generally, if your dog is overweight or has other health problems, feeding them butter is definitely not a good idea.

Often your dog will end up consuming some butter as a byproduct of leftovers. For this reason, be mindful of what you put into your recipes. Too much oil (ie. butter, lard, etc.) could be bad for your dog and cause gas, stomachache, diarrhea or constipation.

Avoid giving your dog trans fat where ever possible.

K9 Cholesterol Levels

Like people, dogs can have cholesterol problems although it’s uncommon to significantly affect them. What causes cholesterol levels to go up in dogs is usually increased intake of fatty foods. An increase in production of cholesterol is associated with certain types of kidney disease.

If your dog has diabetes, an inflamed pancreas, or if the bile ducts have an obstruction, butter certainly won’t help and could have contributed to such conditions. Further, if your dog is pregnant, withhold butter since high cholesterol is unhealthy during pregnancy.

Just like people, dogs inherit their parents’ genes. High cholesterol susceptibility is often inherited. If you’re worried about your dog, hold off on giving them foods very high in fat, including butter.

Foods To Be Avoided

Other fatty foods to avoid besides butter are avocados, excessive fat trimmings, macadamia nuts, bacon, sausage and of course all fried foods. You could make the case that butter falls into this category of being a really bad choice as well.

Certainly the alternative to butter, margarine, is out of the question with all the unnatural chemical ingredients it contains. Margarine can also contain high levels of trans fat which is definitely not something your dog should be consuming.

Some foods can be hazardous to your dog’s health and well-being. This is especially true for the foods that you yourself should not be eating. Something like raw meat and eggs, since it can contain bacteria, can make both humans and dogs sick. For dogs, there are additional foods you must know about! Browse the site to learn more.

Diet For Healthy Dogs

Some oils are healthy for your dog’s diet so some quality butters may be given in very small amounts. However, so much depends on the overall health of your beloved dog.

In general, dogs basically need five foods for a healthy diet which are proteins, carbohydrates, fats (like omega-3), fruits and fiber. Meat is a priority and fruits are secondary if necessary at all. If you cannot provide your dog with these foods then it is probably a good idea to keep them on a store bought quality dog food. Just know what to look for.

Many people cook meals for their dogs instead of just purchasing manufactured commercial foods. This could be a healthier alternative but, if you do not know what you are doing, you can easily cause your dog more harm than good. If you plan on switching to homemade canine meals, you should know how much of a food group your pet needs and what specific foods should be limited. A good example of this is butter because people depend on it for cooking.

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