Can I Give My Dog Bonine?

Can I Give My Dog Bonine?If your dog doesn’t like to travel then giving them Bonine may be an option. Some dogs just can’t handle being in a car, or on a boat, but trying a natural approach first is best. In any case, we’ll cover this OTC medication while offering up some ideas as alternatives.

Bonine is generally a medication that dogs can handle, but it’s vital to get the dose right. You could inadvertently make the situation worse and you don’t want that on your conscience. It’s best to play it safe and provide your pet with a very conservative amount or consult with a vet beforehand.

Most dogs can handle a short distance car ride, and will get excited when they know it’s time to go. Others may not like the idea one iota. Non-medical solutions like a Thundershirt work well if they get anxious about being in cars. It could also be that they don’t have the proper footing while they’re riding, and they get tossed around a lot. Giving them a secure place to sit or stand might be a simple way to solve things.

Can I Give My Dog Bonine? Answer: With vet approval

It’s usually not dangerous if you know how to provide a safe dose but that calculation is based on several factors.

There are places online that tell you how much Bonine to provide, but we don’t think that’s a safe way to go about it. There is no one size fits all dosing information available on the internet. The weight of your dog isn’t the only thing you need to consider before giving this over-the-counter product to them.

Proper Bonine Dosing

Unfortunately we cannot provide Bonine dosing information here as explained above. Your best bet is to ask your vet first if it’s okay. If they give you the green light, be sure to inquire about the recommended dose specific to your dog’s breed, weight, and medical history.

There are those pet owners that will say they can dose medicines on their own. It’s sometimes a risky thing to do. Unless you have some previous experience with veterinary medicine or as a vet’s assistant, you really shouldn’t play around with something like Bonine or Meclizine. Many have tried it and gotten away with it, while others that haven’t been so lucky.

Ease Your Dog Into Travel

If your dog has only had one or two bad experiences with traveling, don’t write them off completely. They may just need to be eased into travel. If you started off with a long trip, they might not have been ready for it. Most dogs like a good car ride and can’t help but stick their heads out the window.

Try acclimating them with quick trips instead, even taking them places they don’t even really need to go. Such a strategy may help to gradually work up to handle longer and longer trips. This is certainly preferable to immediately turning to Bonine as a quick fix because you never want to medicate your dog if possible.

ThunderShirt Alternative

It could be that your particular dog doesn’t like to travel at all. Maybe they can’t even handle short drives and the fear begins even before getting in the car! It only takes so many clean ups before you’ll put an end to any more travel with your dog in tow.

If you feel as if you’ve exhausted all the options, including what we’ve mentioned above, the Thundershirt is our final alternative solution to Bonine or Dramamine. It can really make them feel more secure whenever they get nervous or anxious about anything including travel.

Conclusion on Bonine

If your dog has difficulty traveling, it’s not the end of the world. Speak with your vet regarding the use of travel sickness medications including Bonine and be sure to administer a proper dose for your dog’s sake.

As a reminder, just like with humans, it’s not a good idea to rely on giving your dog medications, including for motion sickness. If you need to use it for a one-time big trip, that’s fine. In any case, try to get your dog comfortable with traveling using the methods we suggest above because they do often work.

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