Can I Give My Dog Beano?

Can I Give My Dog Beano?If your dog is having a pretty bad case of gas, you’re probably wishing that you gave them some Beano earlier. But is this something that works for dogs, and if so, is it something you should give them to mitigate their gas problem?

Gas in humans is one thing, because we eat a lot of different foods on a daily basis. We are able to know which foods give us gas and which ones don’t and we can take a Beano when we eat things like cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower. With a dog though, they should be eating their dog food at each meal, so a gas problem could be the sign that something else is wrong.

It’s usually not a good idea to treat the symptoms in dogs – as well as humans but we won’t get into that here – because you could be masking something that merits more attention. Gas is caused by something, so it’s good to figure out the cause and then eliminate that, rather than introduce something new to their system.

Can I Give My Dog Beano? Answer: Not Recommended

The thing about Beano is it works proactively, so if your dog already has gas you won’t be doing them any favors by giving them Beano right now. Giving a dog Beano before they eat is also not a good idea, because the enzymes it contains are made for the human digestive system.

There are some specially formulated products that are like Beano, but they are for dogs. You can get them from your vet or from pet stores that sell food items. However, this is really not something that they should need, if they are getting the right sort of food on a daily basis.

Give Them the Good Stuff

The best way to prevent your dog from getting gas is to feed them specially formulated dog food, and not the stuff that is dirt cheap at the supermarket. A dog needs a dog food that is specially formulated for their system, and anything outside of that will cause them stomach irritation like too much gas. Beano is not the cheapest thing on the planet, so giving your dog Beano and then giving them low grade dog food or table food is not the most economical thing to do.

A much better approach is to take all of the money you save by not supplementing your dog’s diet, and putting it into the best possible, vet-recommended dog food you can. That will alleviate most of the stomach problems that they experience, and you will see an almost immediate and noticeable difference in their energy levels.

The shininess of their coat and their zest for life will also improve. If you’ve never tried giving them the premium stuff, then you should try that first and you might be surprised at what a difference it makes.

Explaining the Gas

You should be able to determine why your dog has gas, as they naturally shouldn’t, so if it’s a regular occurrence you should try to figure out the cause, and if you can’t you should ask your vet about it the next time you take them in for a check up. If it’s a once in a while thing, you’ll probably be able to pinpoint it to some table scraps you fed them, or link it to a time when they got loose and likely ended up eating something they shouldn’t have.

Sticking to a daily feeding time or times is best, as your dog’s digestive system will get used to it, and produce the juices necessary to break down the food properly. If you feed them at sporadic times, or some days feed them once and other days multiple times, their system won’t be able to find any pattern and you’ll be left with undigested food that can result in a lot of bad gas.

By remaining consistent and developing a pattern you should be all set. Also by feeding them the same brand of dog food, you are doing them a favor, even though we as humans wouldn’t want to eat the same thing at every meal.

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