Can I Give My Dog Aleve?

Can I Give My Dog Aleve?Aleve is a popular over-the-counter NSAID that relieves pain, inflammation and fever. It helps with things like backaches, headaches, toothaches, menstrual cramps and even mild arthritis. Dogs also experience some of these conditions, particularly the latter.

But does this mean that Aleve can be used to alleviate canine arthritis and other aches and pains? Obviously you want to help your dog to live a more normal life but understand that this pain medication is not at all appropriate.

Sadly, many owners wrongly assume that this pain medication is safe for pets. In fact, providing even a low dose has the potential to cause a life-threatening situation for your dog. While some vets prescribe Naproxen Sodium, more are avoiding its use because the known side effects are just too risky.

Can I Give My Dog Aleve? Answer: No, Never

The toxicity of this drug is very high in pets. Even at very low doses, it may poison them.

Sure, Aleve is effective at easing pain and stiffness since Naproxen reduces the production of hormones that directly cause inflammation in the body. So there’s some short-term relief, but long-term effects are potentially much worse. Be very cautious when considering any Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug. It’s worth considering a much safer and natural solution for your dog’s pain.

Asking your vet about a Prednisone prescription, if chronic conditions linger, is also not a bad idea.

Aleve’s Serious Side Effects

Aleve, which is also marketed as Midol, can contribute to fatal kidney or liver damage as well as stomach ulcers. Some dogs have had gastrointestinal bleeding as a result of being administered this well known OTC drug. Intestinal damage may cause your dog to vomit, stop eating and experience diarrhea.

More seriously, liver and/or kidney damage could cause your dog to appear to be pale, weak, lazy and inactive. Quite simply, Aleve’s toxicity is enough to cause drug poisoning and very serious complications. It could be fatal.

K9 Arthritis Alternatives

If your dog is dealing with arthritis, consider some natural remedies for treating these stubborn joint-related problems. Herbs, such as alfalfa and Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), are known to be effective for relieving painful canine arthritis and similar ailments. We’ve had luck using a quality product made for dogs with pain.

More serious cases may require stronger medicines such as Rimadyl which can be prescribed by your vet.

Importance of Diet & Exercise

When pet dogs eat a well-balanced diet they are more likely to have stronger and healthier bodies. This means they’ll be better equipped to fend off conditions like arthritis. Also, it’s important to keep your best buddy active through regular exercise. Even light activities, such as a stroll in the park, will help to lubricate your dog’s joints.

Pain medications, like Aleve, are the least desirable treatment option. Prevention is the way to go!

Accidental Aleve Intake

There have been many incidents where dogs have accidentally eaten some Aleve, either a single tablet or more than a dozen! In such cases, vomiting should usually be induced as soon as possible to prevent damaging side effects. Reach out to your vet as soon as possible because time is critical.

A professional may instruct you to have your dog swallow some hydrogen peroxide. A capful is usually enough for a small dog, while larger breeds may require more. A syringe may be necessary to make it easier for you to inject it down your dog’s throat. Then, wait at least five minutes for them to vomit.

Please contact your veterinarian to get their urgent advice because Aleve poisoning can be deadly.

Conclusion on Aleve

Never provide your dog with any amount of Aleve unless specifically instructed otherwise by a trusted veterinarian. The stakes are very high and you may regret making such a reckless decision. This is why we are strongly advising against its use. This NSAID is one of the most dangerous for dogs so keep your supply of Aleve safely out of Fido’s reach. Consider much safer treatment options for dealing with your beloved pet’s aches and pains.

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Anita March, 2016

I gave my 13 year old Husky-Lab mix 1/2 of an Aleve Saturday night for shoulder pain. Now she is at the vet with bloody diarrhea. She’s on an IV for fluids. They are thinking she has an ulcer. Hopefully she gets to come home tomorrow.


Kim March, 2016

I gave my dog one 220mg Naproxen Sodium per day because of pain. She’s now vomiting and I’ve stopped the pills 2 days ago. Her stool is black. What do I do?


Beth March, 2016

My mom’s dog had a toothache the other night and I gave her dog Aleve. His jaw was swollen and he kept pawing at his face. It almost killed him! I had no idea that dogs could not take this and I am a nurse.


Laura February, 2016

My 4 year old Boxer hurt his leg last night and my boyfriend was insistent we give him Aleve. I gave him a baby aspirin instead. I’m so thankful I found this article!


Lori September, 2015

I am so glad I looked this up. I was giving my Lab one Aleve tablet every once in a while for hip pain. Last night I gave her two because it was really bad. She ended up having projectile vomiting a couple times but seemed fine this morning. I’m praying that I didn’t do anything permanently harmful to her.


Rich July, 2015

My dog had arthritis in her hips. I gave her one 200mg of Naproxen (Aleve) each day and she was dead after two days. I can’t agree more: Do not give your dog any over-the-counter human meds!


Cheryl July, 2015

I have a Shih Tzu with congestive heart failure. He has been whining in the morning due to arthritic pain. I gave 1/4 of a tab of Naprosyn before I read this article, for 4 nights, and now he is experiencing black stools, lethargy, vomiting and he’s not walking. I stopped it last night and I’m so upset with myself. I’m thankful I stopped when I did but I’m sick, thinking I may have caused his demise.


Dave April, 2015

What can I give my 145 pound Anatolian Shepherd for occasional joint pain. I currently give her Glucosamine and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSN) and it seems to help a lot. But occasionally she has a flair-up.


Dani April, 2015

Have you tried coconut oil? It helps a lot with joint swelling for most dogs. It’s sort of a paste so take a spoon, spread some on and let them lick off it.


Jeanne March, 2015

Great! I should have read this first. I gave my son’s 65 pound dog 2 Aleve this morning as she is in a great deal of pain. She had a hip replacement many years ago and is 15 years old. I am now praying she will be okay. Any advice?


Willa November, 2014

I just found this site and it’s the best thing ever. My teacup Chihuahua, Snowflake Baby, has a fever and is coughing. I know what to give her for the coughing, but I wasn’t sure what or how much to give for the fever. I’ve heard it was okay to use any remedy that’s safe for human consumption but I’m not going to harm her due to carelessness.


Doug October, 2014

Man, thank you for this article. I feel so bad for my dog and her pain that I almost tried this. The internet is truly a blessing!


Christina January, 2014

Well I’m glad I looked here. I was thinking about giving my Lab an Aleve for hip dysplasia just because I have it on hand. My Lab is 12 years old and something like that would surely kill him. Thank you and I’m sorry to those of you who lost your friend and I hope your friends get better to those who are sick.


James January, 2014

Hi Christna. I’m very happy to hear you avoided giving Aleve to your dog because of this article. Thanks for sharing your story.


Christina January, 2014

Well the sad thing is my Lab, Bud, is having a hard time even getting up. We keep him in the house all day and night. He has never been a house dog but will not use the bathroom in the house. He is the best dog ever, very smart. It’s going to kill me to have him put down but I know it’s coming sooner than I want to believe.


James January, 2014

Have you taken him to the vet? How old is he? There are some really great geriatric medications for dogs now. Get a prescription!


Tina April, 2015

Like James said, they have some great meds for canine arthritis relief these days. An arthritic dog I had a few years ago took Tramadol, via prescription, for pain on his bad days. The difference was very noticeable.


Toneen November, 2013

I am so grateful for this site. My 12 year old Golden Retriever twisted his shoulder/leg when he tripped last night and was limping. My husband told me to give him an Aleve and I almost listened to him. You just saved a dog, my precious dog. We need to get get warnings on these medications about animals and more will be saved. Thank you.


James November, 2013

Thank you for the kind words Toneen. So glad this site has saved someone’s dog!


Louise November, 2013

I gave Duke, my 10 year old dog, Aleve gel caps due to severe leg and neck pain. The dose was 1 Aleve at 2am, then another at 5am. His symptoms became worse. He could barely move and the Aleve did not help the pain at all. Rather, he is now in an animal hospital on an IV for 72 hours already. They have to continue to monitor his blood work for Kidney damage.

The bill is running into an extreme amount of money on our credit card. We are not sure Duke will live, still praying for him. I never knew this would harm a dog so severely. Please do not give your pet any medication without a vet consultation. I am so upset over this. I wish this company would put a warning on the bottle.


Liz September, 2013

Thank god I found this site. I was literally just about to give my 14 year old German Shepherd Aleve for his arthritis and joint pain because I ran out of his prescribed Tramadol. Thank you so much!


James September, 2013

Hi Liz. I appreciate your comments. Glad you found it helpful and avoided something terrible. Made my day!


Bruce Ertwine August, 2013

I gave my Lab puppy 1 Aleve tablet for about 4 days. She then started vomiting. I took her to the vet and she had a perforated stomach, needed emergency surgery. Three days later she is doing better, but still recovering, so do not give Aleve to your dog!


James August, 2013

Bruce once again thank you for trying to get the word out. No Aleve, period!


Rhonda July, 2013

I gave my dog Aleve and now she is vomiting all over the place. The vomit is brown and looks like diarrhea. I will never buy Aleve for anything ever again!


James July, 2013

Rhonda I wish you had read this information prior to giving your dog Aleve. I hope she’s okay now. Please let us know!


Bre June, 2013

Don’t do it! I found my dog “Duke” dead under my back porch. It all happened suddenly. Less than an hour ago he was running and playing. This is all because of Aleve. Don’t give your dog Aleve, ever!


James June, 2013

Bre, I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for helping to put the word out about this. You’ve probably prevented this from happening to some other dog. Cannot stress enough the importance of being a well informed pet owner.


Skicat84 May, 2013

DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG ALEVE EVER! I have a 6 year old Lab/Pit mix, and he just started getting arthritis in his back leg. An employee of a local pet store recommended Aleve to help with the pain. I gave him one Aleve a day, 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night, for 4 days. He stopped limping as much, so it looked like it was helping. Then that 4th night, he couldn’t keep food down. I took him to the vet who said one more dose would have killed him.

He has an ulcer bleeding in his stomach, and one more dose could have caused liver and kidney failure. He’s an 80 pound dog, and it was only 4 Aleve. He almost needed a blood transfusion, and now he’s on 3 different kinds of medication and spent 3 days and 2 nights at the vet’s office. Don’t ever give your dog Aleve, and more importantly I’ve learned, don’t ever listen to someone who is not a vet.


Deborah May, 2013

I gave my German Shepard one Aleve and the next day a Naproxen. I messed up big time. I was trying to stop his hip pain and I fear I have really hurt him. He won’t eat now. He has diarrhea and vomiting. We went to the ER vet and without a lot of money there is nothing they will do. I pray he will be okay and that someone else reads this before they give something like this to their dog.


Sandy March, 2013

We gave our Lab some Aleve for joint and hip arthritis. After only about 10 days he became weak so we stopped. He continued to become weaker and weaker until he died last night. Don’t risk it! We believe it killed him. Wish I would have called the vet first.


Destiny January, 2013

I gave my dog Aleve. He did have diarrhea and vomited. I don’t know what to do. I’m a college student and he lives at home with my mom. She won’t take him to the vet because she doesn’t have the money. It makes me cry. I wish I had money to help! He has stiff pains in his neck. Nighttime is the worst for him because he yelps in the middle of the night when he moves.


WC November, 2012

I gave my dog a 1/2 tablet of Aleve for a leg injury. She now has worse problems including vomiting and bleeding in her stomach. Do not believe everything you read on the internet. I did and it has caused more problems for my poor dog. She is hopefully going to be okay after visiting her vet.


DV July, 2012

My dog had 3 pinched discs, 4 times in the past. Her 4th was on Saturday and no way a vet was open so I gave her crushed (less than 1/4 of Aleve) and mixed olive oil with cayenne rubbed on her back. The next morning she was doing much better. I’m surprised they say not to give Aleve to dogs.


Tyler January, 2013

I have had a friend lose a dog to Aleve. He was vomiting blood just a short while after taking it. He died.


Anonymous August, 2013

It could be because your dog didn’t ingest it, so it never went to her stomach! It seems most of the problems with Aleve are caused by the effect it has on their stomachs.


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