Can I Give My Dog Activia?

Can I Give My Dog Activia?Eating yogurt like Activia has been one of the best ways to strengthen and improve digestive health because of the live bacteria cultures found in it. It offers a lot of health benefits, including getting rid of stomach infections and preventing indigestion or any form of bowel irritability.

Diarrhea is a common problem that many dogs experience over the course of their lifetimes. A common cause would be consuming food they are not supposed to eat such as rotten food or toxic substances. If your dog is continually having loose bowel movements, take them to the vet right away to check what is causing it. It is unlikely you will be able to stop whatever is ailing your dog with Activia.

This yogurt brand is produced by Dannon, which has a strain of good bacteria called probiotics, designed for a healthier digestive tract. It has worked for a lot of its consumers, especially those with digestive issues. For dogs experiencing diarrhea, you could try feeding them Activia but the question is would it really be effective!

Can I Give My Dog Activia? Answer: Yes, But There Are Better Options

There is actually no harm in giving your dog a few tablespoons of yogurt such as Activia. Although a dog’s “good bacteria” may differ from that of a human person’s, the probiotics found in yogurt may still be beneficial to dogs but this is hit or miss. Nevertheless, an unflavored, unsweetened, and non-fat yogurt is something dogs enjoy, especially as a summer treat.

If you are looking for a good probiotic for your dog’s diarrhea, there are many probiotic products on the market that have been created specifically for pets. Manufacturers made them while keeping in mind the nutritional needs and requirements of your dog. Besides, Activia has high sugar content, which can be a cause for concern, especially for dogs.

Some Issues with Activia

Although Dannon emphasizes Activia yogurt to be a healthy product because of the nutrients and probiotics contained in it, it has been going through a series of controversy regarding some of their claims. The scientific studies that they are using to back up their claims are said to be illegitimate because only the company conducted those studies with no third-party sources.

Medical researchers are suggesting that more studies need to be done to prove that the probiotics found in Activia really support good digestive health, as Dannon claims. A number of its consumers have also testified against the product, saying it caused them stomach irritability.

While it isn’t conclusive, probiotics mixed in with their food is probably a good way to treat various digestive issues because it replaces the good bacteria that your dog is losing when experiencing diarrhea.

Probiotics are recommended by most veterinarians to help treat dog diarrhea. Although Activia does contain beneficial bacteria to aid in digestion, dogs may have a different set of bacteria that is good for them. Activia may give some positive healthy effects to dogs because yogurt is still considered to be a safe human food for dogs, as long as they are non-fat and given in small amounts. As stated previously, there are probiotics on the market that have been particularly manufactured for dogs.

Food Solutions To Treat Dog Diarrhea

There are food solutions for your dog having continuous loose stools. Fast your dog for at least 24 hours but do not forget to give them water. Dehydration is something to look out for with diarrhea, that is why you need to sustain their water supply during this time. After this duration, bland and low-fat foods might help to regain the nutrition they lost. Give them boiled foods such as pumpkin or chicken with rice to help regulate their bowel movement. Of course, before giving any of these, consult with your vet.

Healthy “People Food” You Can Share With Dogs

Aside from yogurt, which is rich in calcium, protein, and probiotics, there are other “people foods” that can also be good for dogs. Salmon is a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids that promotes a healthy immune system and can also do good to skin and coat health.

Sweet potato is high in fiber and other essential vitamins, which can help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Eggs are also a great source of protein for dogs that can give them an energy boost. Apples are a good source of phytochemicals, vitamins A & C and fiber, supporting immune health and good digestion.

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Mary January 31, 2013

It’s okay to give your dog Activia as long as it’s in moderation.

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