Can I Give My Dog a Bath with Human Shampoo?

Is Human Shampoo Okay for Dogs?

Everyone has their own routine for bathing a pet dog. Many people are just using human shampoo to maintain a fresh smelling canine coat. But there’s some doubt, and for good reason, regarding how […]

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Can I Give My Dog NSAIDs?

Can Dogs Take NSAIDs?

We have covered the suitability, specifically for dogs, of several different NSAIDs. But there are so many NSAID brands which makes covering the subject sort of difficult. It’s time to address the entire issue […]

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Can I Give My Dog an IQ Test?

Can Dogs Have IQ Tested?

We’ve all heard of taking an IQ test. It’s for testing intelligence but we usually associate it only with evaluation of the human mind. What’s even cooler, and much more fun, is […]

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Can I Give My Dog Sushi?

Can Dogs Eat Sushi?

Many people, including dog owners, have come to love eating sushi. It has become more popular over the years so the question of feeding a dog some sushi needs to be addressed. Of […]

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Can I Get My Dog Apoquel?

Can Dogs Take Apoquel?

Providing Apoquel to an itchy dog seems very promising if you can get some! It’s a very new product and can often be difficult to obtain. Nevertheless, unlike most human drugs that […]

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Can I Give My Dog Lasix?

Can Dogs Take Lasix?

If your vet has prescribed Lasix then you may have several questions and concerns. This popular diuretic brand may also be called Salix or Disal but the actual drug, or the generic name, […]

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