Can I Give My Dog Chinese Food?

Can I Give My Dog Chinese Food

Ordering Chinese food for takeout is something many families do. It’s very tasty and can make for an easy dinner choice when you don’t feel like cooking. No doubt your dog would be happy to take care of any delicious leftovers, but should they? It can be a dilemma since Chinese food is quite filling and sometimes you cannot finish your meal. […]

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Can I Give My Dog Raw Foods?

Can I Give My Dog Raw Foods

Several years ago there was a major pet food recall which created more interest in raw foods. Nonetheless, many dog owners remain frustrated and cautious due to all the conflicting information and opinions concerning this subject. What’s certain is that folks are increasingly abandoning commercial dog food in favor of alternatives. But a raw food diet is still something that […]

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Can I Give My Dog Vegetables?

Can I Give My Dog Vegetables

Everyone knows that vegetables are great for health. Since you love your dog, maybe you occasionally share some veggies with them. Surely this can’t be a bad thing, or is it? Let’s set the record straight regarding this ongoing debate. Many owners are passionate about how they feed their pets. Lots of folks will tell you that dogs are strictly […]

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Can I Give My Dog Rawhide Treats or Toys?

Can I Give My Dog Rawhide

Have you noticed that rawhide products are very popular and most pet stores are stocked with many different variations? Picking a good chew treat isn’t always an easy decision for dog owners which is understandable. We know that chewing for canines is important but, with so many products, picking one can be confusing. Rawhide seems like an easy choice but […]

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Can I Give My Dog McDonalds?

Can I Give My Dog McDonalds

Giving McDonalds, or any type of fast food, to the family dog seems like an obvious mistake. Of course it is! Even people shouldn’t be eating this convenient but, more importantly, unhealthy junk! Your leftover Big Mac, french fries or anything else purchased there isn’t going to do your pooch any good. Everyone knows this but some owners, in fact, […]

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